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Thursday, January 26, 2012

An Accidental Valentine's Day Sweater

 A few years ago my friend Jaime was selling a lot of her stash on ebay.  Since I've never met a yarn sale I could resist *cough* I bought quite a bit of it.  Into one package she threw four skeins of TLC Macaroon because it hadn't sold, with instructions to make something for my best friend's daughter Lillian.  It was very, very pink.  The yarn has sat in my stash for a while, but this year one of my resolutions is to bust through the pile of yarn that's been sitting in tupperware in my office.  So a few days before Christmas I started this sweater for Lillian;

Um, yeah, did I mention that it's pink? *G*  I was baby-sitting Lillian a few days after I'd started it and she saw me working on it.  "That yarn is very pink, Aunt Dena," she said, sidling up to me.  "Yes, it is," I said.  "I love the color pink."  Bats her eyelashes.  "Do you, now?"  Yes, she's quite the charmer.  When I finished it I went looking for buttons but I couldn't find any that matched the two pinks well enough, and I saw this bag of heart-shaped I figured I'd just go with it.  And now Lillian has a Valentine's Day sweater.

I hated working with the yarn - I'm not surprised it was discontinued, because it's coarse and the lighter color pink pulled a lot - but she loves the jacket, and I hope she'll enjoy wearing it on Valentine's Day. 

- D

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