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Monday, January 9, 2012

Polka Dots in Different Sizes

When I find a material that I like I buy enough to make two bags - a larger project bag and a smaller DPN bag.  I play around with the contrasting colors a lot, yellow on the front on the smaller bag, orange on the larger bag.  This is partially because I enjoy color, partially because I don't always buy enough of one color to do all the pockets in it on both bags.  In this case the orange linen was upcycled from an old tablecloth.  Here's the interior of the smaller bag. 

 That's the side with the two pockets, one for a cell, one for make-up or odds and ends. 

It can be hard to gauge the difference in size from just measurements (at least if you're me, and very visual), so here's a picture of the two bags next to each other.  

In the larger bag I've been able to fit projects up to the size of a baby blanket, it's surprisingly roomy.  The smaller bag is great for socks and the like.  Both are for sale on etsy :)

- D

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