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Monday, July 4, 2011


My goal this summer has been stash busting.  I have a lot of leftover yarn from various projects, a half skein here, a skein there...and I'm running out of storage room!  Plus knitpicks is having a sale and I want to buy more ;)  I usually try to alternate bigger projects with smaller stuff but after becoming thoroughly frustrated with a sweater pattern riddled with errors I decided to go for stash busting instead.  My first project was the Dayflower Scarf, my second were these socks;

I find that I prefer knitting children's socks to knitting socks for adults - with adult socks it takes too long and I'm bored by the time I finish the first one.  I used knitpicks Swish worsted yarn, and I love the blue color.  Hopefully they'll fit by winter!  I still have a half skein left, so I'm debating seeing if I have enough to make another pair if I shorten the leg.  The pattern is free - Classic Elite Cabled Baby Socks - and quick, it only took me a day for each sock (knitting in front of the TV at night).  I think I want to knit more baby socks - does anyone else have a favorite pattern they'd like to share?

- D

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