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Monday, January 5, 2015

Yarn Cost Breakdown - Interweave Knits Winter 2015 magazine

As promised, here are the costs for the suggested yarn for each of the patterns in the Interweave Knits Winter 2015 issue. A few notes - most of the prices I pulled off webs, but even if I found the yarn on sale elsewhere I calculated the cost at the undiscounted price for the yarn (since you're not guaranteed to get it on sale). I calculated it for the size closest to my bust, so 34-36 inches, which since I'm typically the smallest size they list means that for a lot my bustier friends the yarn would cost even more.


Brace yourself, some of these patterns aren't cheap!

1) Fall River Cowl. A cowl, so not bad on price. $59.10

2) Quivira Coat. Though it's a larger piece, they used a cheaper yarn, so it's only $69.30

3) Moraine Jacket. $43.96. Color me utterly shocked to see a Lion Brand yarn in Interweave.

4) Muir Wrap. $68.

5) Hudson Wrap. $166.25

6) Bear Lake Cowl. $51.

7) Ozark Wrap. $111.60.

8) Tanawha Wrap. $103.60

9) Zuni Cardigan. I didn't bother, since it has so many different colors in it.

10) Bozeman Hat. $34.

11) Trapper Cowl. $30. Not bad for getting to work with a Manos del Uruguay yarn.

12) Ice Rink Pullover. $205.20. I'm going to officially call that not worth it, though not surprising since it uses an alpaca and merino blend yarn.

13) Kittery Point Cardigan. Didn't bother, too many colors.

14) Siobhan Blouse. I was pleasantly surprised by the price tag - $49.39.

15) Quadrille Pullover. $87.96. Since I'd lengthen it, I'd probably have to order extra, so it might be more. Such a gorgeous yarn, I might have to splurge. Someday.

16) Cocoa Cardigan. $220. YIKES.

17) Pearl Lake Mitts. $32.

18) Caterpillar Cowl. Glad I stash-busted on this one - $49.90.

19) Modest Pullover. $73.60. Again, I'd lengthen it, so I'd need more yarn.

20) Wind at Your Back Pullover. $103.80.

21) Matalina Pullover. $230.45. YIKES again.

No one who reads Interweave Knits regularly is foolish enough to delude themselves into thinking they use cheap yarns. Knit Simple and Love of Knitting are for that. But even I gulped at some of the price tags on these patterns. HOWEVER, it's worth nothing that a larger knitting project can mean over a month's worth of entertainment, evenings and weekends spent enjoying the feel of the yarn sliding through your hands and listening to the soothing clack of the needles. If you factor in what you'd spend to go a movie each of those nights, or to buy a book*, really, it's cheap entertainment! And thus ends your yarn purchasing enabling.

- Dena

*we'll leave libraries out of this justification.

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