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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Looking for Test Knitters: Toddler Short Sleeve Sweater

I haven't had a lot of luck finding people to test knit my patterns for me. It's frustrating because I'd like to be able to share my designs more widely but don't want to publish patterns that haven't been proofed. My most recent piece is a simple pullover sweater knit in a bulky yarn. The design is knit in the round from an i-cord cast on, then you divide for front and back. My inspiration will come in the next post, for now, anyone want to test knit? :)

Here's a picture of the finished piece, modeled by my adorable son;

I'm doing something new and have posted it on ravelry to a test knitters group, too, but no one is responding. Maybe people don't like the design? No clue *shrug*

It'd be nice to get some feedback, though

- D

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