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Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Top that I made Twice (Ryann Tunic, Knitscene)

One of the frustrating things about knitting and creating your own garments can be adjusting for sizes. Specifically, if an Interweave pattern is for a 33 bust, a 36 bust, and a 38 bust, and I fall within those ranges (No, I'm not telling you where!), which size do I knit? Typically, in the past, I've picked the larger size. This hasn't always worked well, unfortunately, and I have a few sweaters that are too large for me to wear. So this time I tried the smaller size. Yes, I know all the tricks of putting it on waste yarn so you can try it on as you knit, etc., and I did all that. But. The problem I had with this top was that it fit through the waist and bust in the smaller size but the armhole depth wasn't enough. So I finished knitting it, tried it on...and the straps didn't meet at the shoulders. It was also tighter than I wanted. So I frogged all the way down to the waist increases and started over.
Thank God it was a quick knit. I quite like how the shaping on the sides creates a V along the sweater and adds interest.
(and, yes, those are bathroom selfies). I'd intended to add the i-cords at the back but, for whatever reason, it didn't dip nearly as low as it does in the pictures in the magazine. To the point where I wonder if they followed a different pattern when they knitted...? The pattern was the Ryann Tunic from Knitscene Summer 2013. Easy to follow, and I didn't find any mistakes. Probably the fastest I've knit a sweater, even when I had to knit it twice. I've worn the piece a couple of times and continue to like it. The DK weight yarn works nicely for summer, too, and I didn't use nearly as much as the pattern called for (Dear Interweave, why, why, are your yarn requirements never right?!?!). - D

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