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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Three little kittens, lost their mittens...

Anyone else remember that nursery rhyme?

When I left for college in Boston I didn't own a single pair of mittens or gloves.  Having now pumped gas in below zero weather I now understand their importance. But have you ever tried keeping them on a toddler?  I've already gone through three pairs and it's only mid-December!  We've got at least five more months of this. 

Which is when I remembered the illustrations in a childhood book of nursery rhymes - two mittens attached by a long cord that you string through a kid's jacket sleeves.  Genius.

A quick search and I found that unless I wanted to spend $118 for a pair of Ralph Lauren mittens for a two-year-old (number 25 on the list of "Signs You Have Too Much Money"), I'd have to make my own.  Which I did. 

Not only do we not waste ten minutes every morning looking for mittens, the fact that he can't drop them when putting them on means that Connor's been able to put them on himself.  

And I've made a couple more pairs since - which are on sale at Teeny Bee Boutique in St Paul.  And not for a hundred eighteen dollars, either!


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