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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

There's a method, I believe it's called the magic loop method, where you knit two socks at once. This prevents the "I've knitted one sock and now I'm bored with the pattern and don't want to knit its mate" problem. *ahem* A problem with which I'm intimately familiar. For some reason I have an annual desire to knit a pair of socks. Not sure why, it just crops up only once a year, I knit a pair, and that's it. They're great travel projects, so this year I started this pair when we went on our trip to San Francisco. I have one sock done. One. It's now *cough* October. Clearly, I have a problem. This is the sock in progress;
Shall we start taking bets on when I finish the next one? The next time by LYS offers a class in that two-at-a-time method I need to sign up. Otherwise I foresee a future of beautiful, hand-knit one socks. - D

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